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Electric underfloor heating systems













We've made choosing electric underfloor heating easier than ever before.

Just select your solution based on your preferred floor finish.


The floor finishes most people associate with electric underfloor heating, and for good reason.

Equipped with high thermal mass and high thermal conductivity, they deliver and retain heat better than any other floor finish. Perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

ThermoSphere Membrane

ThermoSphere Membrane provides a quick, easy and efficient heating solution for tile and stone floors, as well as the added benefit of waterproofing. Our recommended underfloor heating solution.

Electric underfloor heating mesh

ThermoSphere Mesh

Ideal for use beneath tile and stone finishes and the floor can be laid directly over the heating mats. Thermonet features a self-adhesive mat which allows it to roll out totally flat for easy installation.


Wood, carpet and vinyl floor finishes are becoming increasingly popular in electric underfloor heating installations. Enjoy warm feet throughout your home, not just in your kitchen and bathroom.

We recommend that you check with your flooring manufacturer prior to installation, for compatibility.

Foil Electric Underfloor Heating System

ThermoSphere Foil

ThermoSpere Foil is designed to give the perfect spread of heat when installed in any room beneath wood, carpet or laminate flooring but is suitable under tile or stone also when installed with ThermoSphere accessories.


In screed heating systems are ideal for new build projects where floor height is not an issue.

ThermoSphere screed heating cable allows you to construct floor surfaces that can be finished later in the project, allowing you freedom of choice in floor covering.

Screed Heating Cable

ThermoSphere Screed

ThermoSphere screed heating cable creates a convenient heating system by warming the screed slab as a slow release thermal mass, this makes it a perfect solution for electric underfloor heating.

Why should I choose electric underfloor heating?

Energy efficient heating

Electric underfloor heating distributes heat evenly throughout the room, radiating warmth from the floor up, eliminating cold spots.

Reduced running costs​

Electric underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than convectional heating due to its efficiency, this means you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature, saving you money on your energy bills.

Responsive, rapid heating

Unlike water based underfloor heating and convectional heating, you don't need to leave electric underfloor heating on for long periods for it to keep you warm.

Responsive and on demand, it will heat up quickly when you need it, and turn off when you dont.

Zero maintenance

When installed correctly, electric underfloor heating requires zero maintenance.

To put your mind at even greater ease, ThermoSphere mesh, membrane and foil underfloor heating solutions are installed with a lifetime guarantee.

Improve your air quality

Unlike a central heating system, underfloor heating does not create convection currents in the air.

This means that dust and allergens are not circulating around your home.

A designer's dream

Because the heat source is under the floor there is no need for unsightly radiators which have previously taken up crucial wall space. Particularly important in bathrooms where space is more often at a premium.

Did you know? We have sold enough floor heating cable to wrap around the Globe times!

Excellence in heating solutions.

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