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Electric underfloor heating - experience the extraordinary

Thoughtfully designed and easier than ever to install, we're "changing the game in electric underfloor heating".

Electric underfloor heating systems to suit every room, floor finish and substrate


Tile and stone are the two floor finishes which are most commonly installed over underfloor heating, and there is good reason for this.

Both materials benefit from high thermal conductivity, which means they heat up quickly and are masters at retaining their heat.

There really is no better heating system for a room with a tile or stone floor finish than electric underfloor heating.


Everybody wants to be warm and everybody wants to be comfy. Typically we try to achieve this in the rooms we spend most our time in, our lounges, our dining rooms and of course, in our bedrooms.

It’s likely we wouldn’t choose a tile or stone floor finish in these rooms, its much more likely we would opt for a wood, carpet or a vinyl finish, because they look great and they’re comfortable.

Thankfully, its just as easy to install electric underfloor heating under these floor finishes and we’re finding wood, carpet and vinyl floor heating installations are growing rapidly in popularity.


In-screed heating systems are ideal for new build projects where floor height is not an issue.

ThermoSphere screed heating cable allows you to construct floor surfaces that can be finished later in the project, allowing you freedom of choice in floor covering.

The electric underfloor cable is encased inside a cement or sand based screed layer above the substrate and prior to laying the preferred floor finish.

Just 6 of the many fantastic benefits of electric underfloor heating

Greater efficiency from your heating

Electric underfloor heating distributes heat evenly throughout the room, radiating warmth from the floor up, eliminating cold spots.

Cheaper to run than traditional heating

Electric underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than convectional heating due to its efficiency, this means you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature, saving you money on your energy bills.

It's quick to heat up and responsive too

Unlike water based underfloor heating and convectional heating, you don’t need to leave electric underfloor heating on for long periods for it to keep you warm. Responsive and on demand, it will heat up quickly when you need it, and turn off when you don’t.

Once laid, it won't need maintenance

When installed correctly, electric underfloor heating requires zero maintenance. To put your mind at even greater ease, ThermoSphere mesh, membrane and foil electric underfloor heating solutions are installed with a lifetime guarantee.

Improve the air quality in your home

Unlike a central heating system, underfloor heating does not create convection currents in the air. This means that dust and allergens are not circulating around your home.

Goodbye radiators, hello wall space!​

Because the heat source is under the floor there is no need for unsightly radiators which have previously taken up crucial wall space. Particularly important in bathrooms where space is more often at a premium.

Did you know? We have sold enough floor heating cable to wrap around the Globe 22 times!

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