The smart oil filled electric radiator with energy monitor

Oil filled electric radiator

Oil filled electric radiator

The new programmable, oil filled electric radiator with built in energy monitor. Its accurate, fast acting control reduces temperature overrun and maximises energy efficiency.

Smart self-learning technology​

Your oil filled electric radiator will learn the optimum heat up time for your room, with the additional benefit of open window detection to help with energy efficiency.​

7 day heating schedule​

Set up a customised 7 day heating schedule to fit around your everyday lifestyle.
You can also manually boost the temperature on demand.

Eco design compliant

Our oil filled electric radiator is EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant. This means that you can install and use it with total confidence knowing their future-proof.

Monitor your energy use and save on your heating costs​

Use the built in energy monitor to keep an eye on your energy consumption and save on running costs.

10 year warranty​

For complete peace of mind, our oil filled electric radiator comes with a ten year guarantee on the aluminium body and five years on the electronics when you register online.

It's easy to install​

Everything you need to install the oil filled electric radiator is in one box. This included a handy wall fixing template and a 3 pin UK mains plug.



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Frequently asked questions

You have probably heard that gas products are cheaper to run than electric ones, we're not here to deny that however there are plenty of long term benefits which make choosing an electric radiator an attractive and sensible option.

Electric powered radiators are 100% efficient and do not waste any energy, that means 100% of the energy generated is transferred to heat. Fantastic. Because of this, electric radiators require less energy to function, which can help save on energy costs.

What's more, you also gain a lot more freedom when it comes to installation as they do not require a plumbed central heating connection.

Electric radiators also require far less maintenance than central heating powered radiators. With less moving parts, there is less to go wrong which typically means they last much longer.

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