Transform any home to a place of pure comfort by embracing the power of electric heating...

Transform buildings into places of pure comfort

with our electric heating range

A more sustainable future with electric heating

Great! By being here you have made the first step in helping to reduce carbon emissions. Electric heating is clean and respectful to the environment. It is also almost 100% efficient at point of use which means that every penny you spend on heating your home does just that and doesn't get wasted which is common with many traditional gas heating systems.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating

Energy efficient, rapid heat up time, easy to install, simple to use and a lifetime warranty. What's not to love?​
electric underfloor heating thermostats

Underfloor heating thermostats

Controlling your underfloor heating system is made easy and efficient with our beautifully styled range of thermostats.
Electric Heating 5

Electric radiators

These smart and energy efficient oil filled electric radiators provide a certain 'je nais se quois' to any room.
Electric Heating 6

Electric towel rails

Carefully designed to complement the interior of any bathroom and market leading quality to match.
electric heated towel bars

Electric towel bars

Bring the luxury feeling of warm towels to any bathroom and choose from a range of stunning finishes.
Electric boilers

Electric boilers

By 2025 gas boilers will be banned in new builds. Don't worry. We have the ideal alternative which is 99.8% efficient.
Heated mirror pads

Heated mirror pads

Use less energy than the average light bulb to enjoy condensation free mirrors straight after a hot bath or shower.

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electric underfloor heating running costs

Electric Underfloor Heating Running costs

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