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Frequently asked questions about electric underfloor heating

Every system is different because of the insulation value of the property, type of flooring used and the level of insulation below the heating system.

You can use our running cost calculator to estimate your costs here

An electric heating element is 100% efficient at the point of use meaning every watt of electricity is converted into heat energy. Couple that with a thermal insulation layer and energy saving heating control and you have an extremely efficient heating system.

Many of our heating solutions can be installed in just one day (depending on the size of the system). After installation you must allow time for any adhesives to fully cure before switching your system on. This is usually around 1-2 weeks.

Our electric underfloor heating solutions require no plumbing and can be installed over most existing floor types on any floor level. The minimal height build up also makes installation simple and easy.

It is perfectly safe to install a ThermoSphere mesh or membrane system in a bathroom. ThermoSphere mesh is protected to IP68 standards which means it can be placed in zone 1 of a bathroom with no issues and ThermoSphere membrane can be used a fully waterproof solution. The thermostat should be installed away from water sources.

Even better, you won’t need your radiators any more with underfloor heating. Because your underfloor heating is a primary heat source you can remove your radiators and free up your wall space for something else! Efficient and beautiful.

Every heating system should be connected to a heating control. You can have a simple, manual on/off version, but we recommend the use of a programmable heating schedule for better efficiency.

Yes, wooden floors are perfect compliment for underfloor heating, particularly in your dining room or hallways.

We recommend installing ThermoSphere Foil, you can view our solution page here.

Absolutely, this type of floor finish is perfect for when you are installing underfloor heating in your living areas and bedrooms.

We recommend installing ThermoSphere Foil, you can view our solution page here.

Yes, providing the combined Tog rating of the carpet and underlay does not exceed 2.5 Tog. This ensures that the carpet does not over insulate the UFH system and cause efficiency issues. Consult the floor covering manufacturer for advice on compatibility.

There are no moving parts to an electric underfloor heating system and cable failures are extremely rare, if installed correctly. A damaged cable can usually be located and repaired with minimal disruption. Our Mesh & our Membrane underfloor heating systems are insured for a life time, so you don’t have to worry.

We recommend the use of ThermoSphere insulation as it can halve running costs. However, in first floor applications over a heated room it is not always required. Always insulate over a concrete substrate.

No. You can use more than one heater but they must be connected to the thermostat in parallel. Also make sure that the total load does not exceed the total load of your thermostat.

You will need to install a suitable rated Contactor/Snubber at the consumer unit. The large electric underfloor heating system can then be connected to the thermostat via this unit.

Frequently asked questions about ThermoSphere solutions

Yes. But you need to make sure the total load of the underfloor heating doesn’t exceed the maximum load of the control. Check the total load on the back of thermostat or ask an electrician.

Yes. Choose a ThermoSphere wireless or SmartHome heating control and you will be able to monitor your energy consumption and control your electric underfloor heating from anywhere using the ThermoSphere App.

We recommend the use of ThermoSphere insulation as it can halve running costs. However, in first floor applications over a heated room it is not always required. Always insulate over a concrete substrate.

No – never. Cutting the heating cable will alter the resistance and cause the element to overheat. If you cut the cable by accident, please call our technical helpline for assistance.

You should always measure the room accurately and choose a system that covers the heated area, while allowing for any non-heated areas. If you do have extra cable you can run it around the edge of the room (Min. spacing 50mm).

Yes. Although our electric heated towel rails do not have a temperature sensor, they can be switched on and off in time with your underfloor heating with the ThermoSphere dual control.

Yes. ThermoSphere specialise in electric underfloor heating but do also supply the Thermotube thin bed warm water system.  This system is ideal for small scale warm water underfloor heating applications.

You can tile directly over a ThermoSphere membrane and heating cable as the cable is protected by the between the dimples in the membrane. Some tilers do prefer to use a layer of self-levelling compound, but this is not essential for every installation.

Frequently asked questions about ThermoSphere

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