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We are much more than electric underfloor heating

We are all about electric heating solutions. From innovative thinking, excellence in delivering solutions and being totally customer-centric, we have a complimentary range of products that, when combined, make the perfect environment.

Electric heating solutions for every room and space

Electric underfloor heating systems

Our electric underfloor heating solutions suit all floor coverings, meaning that you can install them almost anywhere!

ThermoSphere membrane provides a quick, easy and efficient heating solution for tile and stone floors, as well as the added benefit of waterproofing.

ThermoSphere foil is our recommended solution for wood, vinyl and carpet floors and gives you the option of a completely dry installation.

Electric underfloor heating thermostats

Our heating thermostats are designed to look great and provide simple, efficient control of your electric underfloor heating – reducing energy waste and helping you create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

The latest ThermoSphere thermostats work with Amazon Alexa & Google Home via our SmartHome hub and allow you to control your heating with your voice and track your energy use.

Whether you’re looking for simple on/off functionality or perhaps a responsive heating schedule which moulds to your lifestyle, electric underfloor heating has never been easier to control.

Electric heated towel rails & bars

Our range of electric heated towel rails and bars let you bring the luxury feeling of warm towels to your bathroom without being dependent on your central heating system.

They are 100% electric operated and benefit from a self-regulating element.

This means, of course, that they are cheaper to run and hassle free.

This coupled with their elegant and sleek design, make them the perfect compliment to your bathroom environment.

Electric heating accessories

Heated mirror pads

Upgrade a standard bathroom mirror by installing a ThermoSphere mirror heaters. A heated mirror gives you the convenience of steam free mirrors after a hot bath or shower. 

Installation accessories

Electric underfloor heating can be up to 50% more efficient when installed with insulation boards. This is one of the many benefits of installation accessories. View for more information.

Installation accessories

Recommended and optional heating accessories for electric underfloor heating.

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