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A guide to choosing underfloor heating thermostats

A guide to choosing underfloor heating thermostats

So you’ve decided to install electric underfloor heating which we think is awesome! One of the most critical parts of any electric underfloor heating installation is selecting the right underfloor heating thermostats to control it. By choosing the right underfloor heating thermostat that suits your lifestyle, you will save money on your household bills because your electric underfloor heating system will be more energy efficient.

Underfloor heating compatible thermostats

There are so many thermostats out there, how do you know which one to buy? Firstly, not all thermostats work with an electric underfloor heating system. Some simply control your central heating but there are others out there that can do both. However, we would always recommend to achieve the best efficiency, choose an electric underfloor heating thermostat such as ThermoSphere’s Lot 20 compliant programmable thermostat. There’s no complication, it only controls your electric underfloor heating system but does it exceptionally efficiently.

What type of underfloor heating thermostats are there?

Manual underfloor heating thermostats are basic controls and do not have much impact on reducing your energy bills. Manual underfloor heating thermostats have limited functionality such as a simple on/off, temperature adjustment and built in ambient and floor sensors. We would only recommend these types of thermostats for rooms where the room temperature stays constant or where the room is not used frequently.

Programmable underfloor heating thermostats automatically adjust the temperature of the room based on the user’s desired temperature and timings requirements. The thermostat can be easily programmed to match your heating needs so when you are back home after a hard day’s work, your house is already nice and toasty. ThermoSphere’s programmable thermostat includes features such as a 7 day 6 event (3 on 3 off) heating schedule and a manual temperature boost which makes reaching your comfort level even easier. Programmable underfloor heating thermostats should also be Lot 20 compliant. But more about that later.

Smart underfloor heating thermostats are the most technologically advanced thermostats available to buy. Their ability to track energy use is second to none. Smart underfloor heating thermostats allow you to identify the opportunities where you can save energy and money.

ThermoSphere’s SmartHome thermostat makes reaching your ideal comfort level simple. Perfected over years of testing and innovation the Lot 20 compliant SmartHome thermostat packs a punch. When combined with the ThermoSphere App you’ll be able to control your electric underfloor heating remotely with your smartphone and when you are at home you can even control it with your voice because the SmartHome thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Goole Home.

If you do need wireless connectivity for your SmartHome thermostat, you will need our SmartHome Hub. You can connect up to 100 thermostats and control the hub with your smartphone.


Dual Control (unique to ThermoSphere)
If you are looking to create the ultimate spa-like level of comfort in your bathroom, then ThermoSphere’s dual control thermostat is just what you need. It not only controls your electric underfloor heating but also an additional appliance such as towel bars, a towel rail or a mirror demister.

Did you know that ThermoSphere’s dual control thermostat is the only one of its type in the UK? We like to make heating easier and controlling two heat sources with one thermostat does just that.


The importance of Lot 20

Lot 20 was introduced in January 2018 and is an Ecodesign legislation from the EU and possibly the most significant change within the electric heating industry. It was introduced to help drive a reduction in wasted energy and to help meet carbon reduction targets.

Under this piece of legislation all electric heating systems sold in the EU must have a minimum efficiency rating and efficiency is rated by how many energy saving features are built-in to the products. For example, dual control thermostats include features such as automatic open window sensor and energy saving adaptive start.

If you have an older thermostat (pre January 2018) already installed, fear not, as all warranties for compliant or non-compliant electric heating products are honoured.

Which underfloor heating thermostat will you choose?

Identifying what type of person you are will help you choose the right thermostat to match your lifestyle and preferences.

The Technophobe
If technology isn’t your thing and you only want to control the heating in a room infrequently, then the Manual thermostat is for you. Just remember that it isn’t Lot 20 compliant.

The Environmentalist
If you are eager to reduce your energy consumption, and make a positive dent to your heating bills, then the Programmable thermostat fits perfectly. It’s EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant so it is jam packed full of energy saving features that you will enjoy.

The Tech Enthusiast
Do you love your gadgets and gizmos? Are you already embracing smart home technology in your home? If so, the SmartHome is your go to thermostat. It will monitor your energy consumption via the App and you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing you can control your heating via your smart phone and voice.

The Spa Goer
If you want to easily control the heating in your bathroom and surround yourself with that 5 star luxury spa feeling then the Dual Control thermostat has everything you need to control your electric underfloor heating and towel rail in one.

So, which underfloor heating thermostat will you choose? Our friendly team are always on hand should you have any further questions. Let’s talk…

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