Everything you need to know when buying electric underfloor heating

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What is electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating is the simple and most efficient way to heat your home. Suitable in any room and under any floor finish (plus with the added benefit of not needing a radiator) it will heat your room from the ground up, eliminating cold spots to provide a more comfortable living space for everyone.

You can install ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating under any floor finish

Tile and stone floor finishes are perfect for electric underfloor heating because they have a high thermal mass and high thermal conductivity. This means that they can deliver radiant heat quickly and retain heat well creating the perfect spread of heat.

A layer of insulation should always be included to minimize downward heat loss and maximize the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system.
A carpeted floor can work effectively and efficiently with your underfloor heating system however we always recommend that you consult the carpet manufacturer to ensure the chosen carpet is suitable for use with your underfloor heating system. Your carpet and underlay must have a maximum TOG rating of 2.5 to maintain efficiency.
We recommend using engineered timber or laminate floor finishes with electric underfloor heating. Engineered timber is manufactured to withstand temperature fluctuations eliminating the potential for warping and discolouration.

Always check with your floor finish manufacturer for recommendations on maximum temperature, and use temperature limit settings on your control.
Vinyl floor finishes perform extremely well with electric underfloor heating and are becoming increasingly popular. Most vinyl brands are now recognising the suitability and popularity of electric underfloor heating and have successfully tested and manufactured vinyl flooring to be compatible. Please check with your manufacturer to be sure.

ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating systems

ThermoSphere Membrane provides a quick, easy and efficient heating solution for tile and stone floors, as well as the added benefit of waterproofing. Our recommended underfloor heating solution.
Electric aluminium foil specifically designed to provide the perfect spread of heat when installed under laminate flooring, engineered timber and other floating floor applications.
Ideal for use beneath tile and stone finishes and the floor can be laid directly over the heating mats. Thermonet features a self-adhesive mat which allows it to roll out totally flat for easy installation.
Versatile heating cable designed for installation in the screed layer of new builds or renovation projects where height build up is not an issue. Can be used as either a primary or secondary heating source.

For even greater efficiency, install with ThermoSphere insulation boards

ThermoSphere insulation boards add rigidity, strength and thermal insulation to your electric underfloor heating buildup. Using the correct insulation board is vital for an efficient electric underfloor heating system as it minimises downward heat loss and reduces your running costs by as much as 50%!

Coated insulation board

Use with timber substrates

Manufactured using a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a polymer modified, fibre reinforced cement coating on both sides.

Un-coated insulation board

Use with concrete substrates

Cost effective thermal insulation for concrete and screed substrates. Minimal height buildup - Ideal for refurbishment applications.

Question: Do I need coated or uncoated insulation?

Answer: Check what substrate you are installing over. A substrate is the surface which serves as the base layer for your buildup. Typically for downstairs installations this will be a layer of concrete, with timber more commonly used in upstairs installations, but may vary.

Is electric underfloor heating safe to install in bathrooms?

Our Membrane electric underfloor heating system is purposefully designed for installation in spaces which are subject to water and moisture exposure, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

You can also apply waterproofing properties as part of your build up for our other underfloor heating solutions. So yes, it is perfectly safe when installed correctly.

So, how much does electric underfloor heating cost?

The total cost of your electric underfloor heating system depends on the materials included. For example you may or may not choose to factor in a waterproofing solution. The great benefit of electric underfloor heating is that when it's installed correctly there are no on-going maintenance costs.

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And the cost of running my underfloor heating?

The daily cost of running your electric underfloor heating system will also vary depending on your chosen installation buildup, whether you have included heat loss reducing insulation, your chosen running temperature and program settings and also the current cost of electricity in your region.

You can calculate your estimated costs using our calculator below:

Enter the area of floor space you wish to heat
Regional electricity rates apply
How many hours you will use your underfloor heating
Your estimated running cost per day£

Don't forget to register your electric underfloor heating warranty

Take control of your electric underfloor heating

Control your electric underfloor heating effortlessly with a ThermoSphere control. Choose from voice operated control with our SmartHome control which works with Amazon Alexa, or select the UK's only dual control which lets you control your floor heating plus one extra appliance such as a heated towel rail.

The Do's and Don'ts of electric underfloor heating​

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